Posted by: beilbz | October 16, 2009

Term 4- week one

Monday – the first day of term was no different to any other day at the tech, we all met in room 4 and jumped straight into our new topic of irrigation with alex, the weather seems to be getting more and more summerish each week so we didnt need the heators going at all. Alex ran us through a slide show to get us familiar with the various aspects of irrigation which was all pretty straight foward. this used up the majority of our day aside form the quick walk around campus to check out all the various types of minisprinkler systems set up on the grounds.

Tuesday- Absent

Wednesday- Wednesday was the useual tutorial day- Alex started us off in the morning with a helping hand on our irrigation assignment- all pretty straight foward. befor smoko, after our break we were with rodger as he answered any questions we had on the weeds assignment, id been struggling with the weeds assignment so it was much appreiated to get a few things answered. the weater remained fine with little wind and very light cloud cover for the entire day.

Thursday- Absent

Friday- Friday turned out to be a very good day for learning, this time we were out at the block getting some hands on work with grafting, alex ran us through the doo’s and don’ts of the trade and set us loose on some apple trees at the far end of the block, with a few pointers from alex we all seemed to pick it up pretty swiftly by lunch time. After lunch we moved on to some young apple root stocks in need of a graft, a slightly different technique was required to form a union between the scion and root stock  but with the skills we had picked up earlier in the day we had the job done in no time at all. Once again the weather was superb with the exception of a few heavy clouds in the late avo that did nothing but cast a bit of a shadow.


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