Posted by: beilbz | September 14, 2009

Week 9

Monday- After a horrible weekend of feeling sick i was happy to be feeling alot better when monday came around. We met rodger at the campus in town this time rather than the block, this was because were were taking a field trip to wanaka to see a mass composting site operated on the outskits of wanaka we talked with the mad in charge his name was collil and he proved to have alot of interesting things to share about helping the environment, one thing i learnt was that if you have 2cars you should plant 20 trees to reduce your carbon footprint. We headed back to cromwell for a lunch break and then met rodger at the block to run over a slide show befor heading out into the compost area to wet the compost heap. The weather was warm and sunny but there was a very stong wind blowing through cromwell witch added a chill to the air.

Tuesday-We all met jo in room 4 for a quick runthrough on the new assignment “Enterprise report” Jo showed us how we needed to go about compleeting the assignment and also put a due date on it. After smoko we were on out own to begin our assignment so i used the time to first quiclky update my blog befor making a basic plan on how i am goin to lay my assignment out.



  1. Well done Ben!
    Fantastic to see your blog up to date, and good details of what you are doing.
    Try to include some details about the technical aspects of your pracs, and some weather observations (e.g. frost fighting)
    I wondered why you weren’t attending practicals today in the Nursery. Last week you disappeared on Thurs- pse let me know if you aren’t well before you go.
    Keep it up

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