Posted by: beilbz | September 9, 2009

Week 8

Monday- Monady Was our seccond lesson on compost out at the block with rodger the day panned out much the same as the last lesson with a slide show and explinations from rodge up until after lunch were we went out to the composting area and worked out our compost not much had happend scince we last worked on it but we added some sheep dung from alexes farm and that should help it go we allso made a lager composdt heap for the remaining waste which will break down over a longer period opf time.

Tuesday-Tuesday was a day with jo We gathered in room 4 in the morning to work over our prop books which was very good because i think most of us were behind. it only took us until lunch time to catch up with the help of the prop ladys who were very organised and helpfull we wer ethen given the afternoon to ourselves i used this time to catch up on my blog a wee bit and also get other overdue assignmentsunder controll.

Wednesday- Tutorial i spent the morning at home catching up on my soils befor coming down to the library at lunch to update my blog and take out a few books to hel with my assignments, the weather was very mild with only a light breeze

Thursday-  I arrived at the polytech feeling abit shabby but ready for another day of propergation, we spent the morning doing small jobs such as cleaning up the glasshouse/hydroponics unit as well as weeding in the shade house etc we then wen on our smoko break and i began to feel very sick so i spent the rest of the day at home resting up, The weather was very nice for a cromwell morning and it only got nicer as the day progressed it was a shame that i couldnt spend the rest of the day in the sun.

Friday- Friday was much the same as thursday allthough i didnt even make it to smoko as i was up late thursday night being sick so once again i used the day to rest, It was a nice sunny day and again a big shame i missed out on the firearms unit as i was looking foward to it all term.


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