Posted by: beilbz | September 9, 2009

Week 7

Monday- Week seven bagan with a bang as we had our first lesson of our new topic on compost. We met rodger out at bannockburn and began a slide show prety quickly with rodger explaining everthing in more detail. We spent the day running through slides and getting any questions answered befor rodger took us out and showed us how to make a compost heap. We built the frames that the compost will be produced in and continued to put layers of different material into the bins with some normal topsoil to help activate the “Bug” thats required to make it all happen.

Tuesday- I awoke very early on tuesday morning to make sure i made it in time for our field trip to omaru the buss left at 8am and i was happy to have made it allthough i was extreemly tired. We stoped of at many horticultural companys along the way including a winery in waitaki  valley with a cellar door about to be opened, Oregon nurseries was our seccond stop were we looked at plant being grown in mass production and then being shipped all over the south island. After a few more stops we arrived in omaru where we could relax abit. I had never been to omaru and realy enjoyed it i found it to be a lovely little town with nice architechture and i friendly flow. The weather was all over the place for the duration of the trip we had snow,wind and sunshine so it was quite a mixed bag.

Wednesday- Wednesday morning we were back on the bus at 9am which was alot better suited for me as i can handel a 9am start much better that 8 (not a morning person) We only had to make one horticultural stop on our way home Which was to a tart cherrie orchid where the manager john had tought himself how to grow tart cherries and enterd into the only tart cherrie busnis in the country. i was an interesting product and was very interesting to hear just how good the product is for your helth i was amazed! we then made a few more recreational stops along the way back from omaru including the elephant rocks whitch were tooo much fun to climb.

Thursday- We spent the day with jo  in the nrusary just doing loads of different tasks such as sweeping the hydroponics unit and potting up rasberries that we collected earlier that morning towards the afternoon we weeded an area by the shade house that will be a vege garden eventually.

Friday-Friday morning was once again spent with alex, This time he showed us how to ensure you are getting the most out of  your motorised sprayers with a quick lession on calabration and also methods of testing spray frequencies. After morning smoko we all poped out to the apple and plum block of orchid and finished our friday off in the sun pruning the trees.


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