Posted by: beilbz | August 11, 2009

Week 4

Monday- Monday morning was reletivly mild and cloudless much the same as the weekend had been which was rather nice, we joined rodger in room 4 to carry on with the seccond part of  our soils topic. it was much the same as last time with a field trip in the afternoon after a slideshow for the first part of the day. the weather remained fine.

Tuesday-Tuesday morning we began with a test on weeds, rodger had layed out a collection of different weeds that we were required to identify as our assesment, i did study reletivly hard for this test but must have buckled under the pressure because i didnt do very well at all. the weather was alot colder in the morning compared to mondays weather allthough it warmed up alot by the end of the day.


Wednesday- absent




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