Posted by: beilbz | August 5, 2009

Week 3

Monday- Monday was on of the colder days of the week not helped much by the strong winds. we joined rodger in room four to run through one of our last lessions on soils, he showed us a slide show for the magority of the day up until after lunch time when he took us all out to the wanaka strech of road to show us soils that were heavy in salt, we ventured out into the middle of a paddock and conducted a pH test on the soils befor heading home.

Tuesday- Absent

Wednesday- We had a special tutorial day with rodger on wednesday now that the soils topic was finished he ran us through the assignment helping us out with any questions of difficulties we had with the assignment. after lucnh we were given the rest of our day to catch up on our own work, i used this time to fill in my blog and also tried to print out the pictures i need for my specimen collection assignment allthough the computor in the library wasnt working so ill have to wait fo it to be fixed. the weather was sunny and clear skies it was a very nice day indeed.


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