Posted by: beilbz | July 31, 2009

Week 2

Monday- We began our seccond week much the same as we began our first, with richard studying our new topic of soils. Once again the weather was cold but sunny and clear which is much more to my liking than days and days of fog! Richard ran us though a lecture for the first half of the day with a quick walk around the campus to check out the soils here. I found there to be alot of infomation needing to be remembered at this stage of the topic as soils is a very scientific topic inn my opinion. After lunch we went out and about to look at different types of soils in different areas of cromwell. to begin with we went along to mt difficulty vinyard were we dug up some sandy soils befor heading over to a farm oppisite pisa moorings were we found two very different soils within different parts of the same padock. we discused the horizons and organic material within the soils befor finishing up our day.

Tuesday- Tuesday was once again a fine day with little cloud and little wind. We gathered in room 4 to meet richard once again, this time for our new topic on weeds. Richard spent the morning talking to us about various types of weeds, how to define a weed from a normal plant and also what conditions certain weeds grow in. we were all given our assignments on the topic were we are requiers to collect 15 specimen samples and press them (much the same as our plant identification assignment) richard gave us a hand by taking us out to a site that had a larrge variety of weeds that we could collect as our specimens so we spent opur afternoon searching and collecting all different kinds of weeds, i learnt how to identify the mello weed. once we had all collected our 15 we finished the day off with a quick sort out of the specimens befor heading home.

Wednesday- Wednesday was a tutorial day so i spent my morning in the computor room updating my blog which i was wayy behind on! but after morning smoko i learnt that alex was running through our growsafe assignments with anyone that needed a hand so i poped in there and spent the rest of my day going through the organic certification process. i am now confident that i could apply for an organic certification if a actually was managing a vinyard or orchid so i was quite impressed. i Also spent a wee bit of time finishing off my pests and desiese assignment which was due on friday.

Thursday- I awoke to yet another weather friendly thursday morning with the sun shining it was a perfect day for propergation with jo. We started the morning off by planting hanging pots of pansies in a spagnum basket we all gathered in an assembuly line and finished the job off just in time for morning smoko, after our break we beganplanting seedlings that had sprouted up in the mist bed while we were all on holliday it was impressive to see the results of oour plantings they all seemed very impressive. After lunch we began doing 3 different jobs some of us weeded the small greemhouse next to the propergation shed and began taking the old dirty panels off the roof ready for new clean ones, the 2nd group worked out in the glass house cleaning and checking water flow for the hydroponics while the final group pruned the rest of the leyland hedge that we began doing mid way through last term. the weather stayed fine and it seemed to be a very productive day.

Friday- Absent


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