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Term 4- week one

Monday – the first day of term was no different to any other day at the tech, we all met in room 4 and jumped straight into our new topic of irrigation with alex, the weather seems to be getting more and more summerish each week so we didnt need the heators going at all. Alex ran us through a slide show to get us familiar with the various aspects of irrigation which was all pretty straight foward. this used up the majority of our day aside form the quick walk around campus to check out all the various types of minisprinkler systems set up on the grounds.

Tuesday- Absent

Wednesday- Wednesday was the useual tutorial day- Alex started us off in the morning with a helping hand on our irrigation assignment- all pretty straight foward. befor smoko, after our break we were with rodger as he answered any questions we had on the weeds assignment, id been struggling with the weeds assignment so it was much appreiated to get a few things answered. the weater remained fine with little wind and very light cloud cover for the entire day.

Thursday- Absent

Friday- Friday turned out to be a very good day for learning, this time we were out at the block getting some hands on work with grafting, alex ran us through the doo’s and don’ts of the trade and set us loose on some apple trees at the far end of the block, with a few pointers from alex we all seemed to pick it up pretty swiftly by lunch time. After lunch we moved on to some young apple root stocks in need of a graft, a slightly different technique was required to form a union between the scion and root stock  but with the skills we had picked up earlier in the day we had the job done in no time at all. Once again the weather was superb with the exception of a few heavy clouds in the late avo that did nothing but cast a bit of a shadow.

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Week 10

unfortunatly i did not make it to class in week ten due to personal reasons, i will need to make a fresh start in week ten to give myself a chance at sucess in the course.

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Week 9

Monday- After a horrible weekend of feeling sick i was happy to be feeling alot better when monday came around. We met rodger at the campus in town this time rather than the block, this was because were were taking a field trip to wanaka to see a mass composting site operated on the outskits of wanaka we talked with the mad in charge his name was collil and he proved to have alot of interesting things to share about helping the environment, one thing i learnt was that if you have 2cars you should plant 20 trees to reduce your carbon footprint. We headed back to cromwell for a lunch break and then met rodger at the block to run over a slide show befor heading out into the compost area to wet the compost heap. The weather was warm and sunny but there was a very stong wind blowing through cromwell witch added a chill to the air.

Tuesday-We all met jo in room 4 for a quick runthrough on the new assignment “Enterprise report” Jo showed us how we needed to go about compleeting the assignment and also put a due date on it. After smoko we were on out own to begin our assignment so i used the time to first quiclky update my blog befor making a basic plan on how i am goin to lay my assignment out.

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Week 8

Monday- Monady Was our seccond lesson on compost out at the block with rodger the day panned out much the same as the last lesson with a slide show and explinations from rodge up until after lunch were we went out to the composting area and worked out our compost not much had happend scince we last worked on it but we added some sheep dung from alexes farm and that should help it go we allso made a lager composdt heap for the remaining waste which will break down over a longer period opf time.

Tuesday-Tuesday was a day with jo We gathered in room 4 in the morning to work over our prop books which was very good because i think most of us were behind. it only took us until lunch time to catch up with the help of the prop ladys who were very organised and helpfull we wer ethen given the afternoon to ourselves i used this time to catch up on my blog a wee bit and also get other overdue assignmentsunder controll.

Wednesday- Tutorial i spent the morning at home catching up on my soils befor coming down to the library at lunch to update my blog and take out a few books to hel with my assignments, the weather was very mild with only a light breeze

Thursday-  I arrived at the polytech feeling abit shabby but ready for another day of propergation, we spent the morning doing small jobs such as cleaning up the glasshouse/hydroponics unit as well as weeding in the shade house etc we then wen on our smoko break and i began to feel very sick so i spent the rest of the day at home resting up, The weather was very nice for a cromwell morning and it only got nicer as the day progressed it was a shame that i couldnt spend the rest of the day in the sun.

Friday- Friday was much the same as thursday allthough i didnt even make it to smoko as i was up late thursday night being sick so once again i used the day to rest, It was a nice sunny day and again a big shame i missed out on the firearms unit as i was looking foward to it all term.

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Week 7

Monday- Week seven bagan with a bang as we had our first lesson of our new topic on compost. We met rodger out at bannockburn and began a slide show prety quickly with rodger explaining everthing in more detail. We spent the day running through slides and getting any questions answered befor rodger took us out and showed us how to make a compost heap. We built the frames that the compost will be produced in and continued to put layers of different material into the bins with some normal topsoil to help activate the “Bug” thats required to make it all happen.

Tuesday- I awoke very early on tuesday morning to make sure i made it in time for our field trip to omaru the buss left at 8am and i was happy to have made it allthough i was extreemly tired. We stoped of at many horticultural companys along the way including a winery in waitaki  valley with a cellar door about to be opened, Oregon nurseries was our seccond stop were we looked at plant being grown in mass production and then being shipped all over the south island. After a few more stops we arrived in omaru where we could relax abit. I had never been to omaru and realy enjoyed it i found it to be a lovely little town with nice architechture and i friendly flow. The weather was all over the place for the duration of the trip we had snow,wind and sunshine so it was quite a mixed bag.

Wednesday- Wednesday morning we were back on the bus at 9am which was alot better suited for me as i can handel a 9am start much better that 8 (not a morning person) We only had to make one horticultural stop on our way home Which was to a tart cherrie orchid where the manager john had tought himself how to grow tart cherries and enterd into the only tart cherrie busnis in the country. i was an interesting product and was very interesting to hear just how good the product is for your helth i was amazed! we then made a few more recreational stops along the way back from omaru including the elephant rocks whitch were tooo much fun to climb.

Thursday- We spent the day with jo  in the nrusary just doing loads of different tasks such as sweeping the hydroponics unit and potting up rasberries that we collected earlier that morning towards the afternoon we weeded an area by the shade house that will be a vege garden eventually.

Friday-Friday morning was once again spent with alex, This time he showed us how to ensure you are getting the most out of  your motorised sprayers with a quick lession on calabration and also methods of testing spray frequencies. After morning smoko we all poped out to the apple and plum block of orchid and finished our friday off in the sun pruning the trees.

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week 6

Monday- we had our final lesson on soils with rodger basically going through things we needed to know for our assignments, running over the next assignments and getting rodge to answer any questions we had. the weather was exceptional and i noticed a few bees were out witch must be a sign that spring is very close indeed.

Tuesday- week six seemed to be a week of topic coming to an end as we had our last day on weeds with rodger we raqn through one last slideshow and then proceeded to go through one of the assignments together, rodger pointed out at least 5 assignments that needed to be done by the end of the term so ive now becoume quite worried about falling behind. the weather was very up and down with clouds passing over constantly but leaving the occasional patch of sun, towards the evening there was abit more rain.

Wednesday- we hadent had a normal tutorial day for a very long time so it was good to have the day to use for catching up on certain things and getting everything sorted, the weather had cleared after tuesday and once again we were able to enjoy the sunshine!

Thursday- We spent a nice day in the propergation shed on thursday following up seeds that had been planted earlier in the year, cindy and i priccked out our strawberry tree seedlings (Arbutus Unedo) that had germinated well. we put them into trays with individual tubes to keep them seperate befor placing them in the glasshouse. the weather was fine with just abit of wind picking up over the day

Friday- We all gathered in room 4 out at the block on friday to meet Alex. We spent the morning with him as he showed us all about how to grow our own berrys especially strawberries and rasberries, i was very happy to be in class that morning as that lesson was one of the most interesting lessons ive had all year as i learnt so much in just an hour. After morning smoko we were devided into small groups with each group assigned a different task. Joy and myself got the job of pruning trees on the hydraladdor which was a good experience as i hadent yet had much practise on one, the Weather was sunny and we spent the rest of the day out in the orchid pruning away it was a very productive day in my opinion.

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week 5

Monday- monday morning was quite cold but once i had battled the elements and made it out of bed i was ready for what turned out to be a lovely sunny day, we all gathered in room for as usual to meet rodger for another lesson on soils. he ran us through slide shows explaining how everything works under ground it all seemed to be making more scence as be got this far into the topic so i began to enjoy it alot more, we then stoped for smoko and carried on with more of the same until early afternoon befor goin out on a quick feild trip. the weather stayed fine.

Tuesday- Weeds in room 4 once again with rodger, much the same as soils i was begining to understand the topic alot more and began to enjoy it. we followed the same structure as monday with slidshows until early avo and then taking a feild trip out to bannock burn to collect information about the weeds we discovered out on the vineyard, the weather was very nice up until we took the trip outdoors when a brief cold blast of wind and cloud passed over for the rest of the day.

Wednesday- we were supposed to be doing work experience but unfortunatly brett and i got our times wrong and arrived at 9 to realise it was at 830!!!


friday- absent

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Week 4

Monday- Monday morning was reletivly mild and cloudless much the same as the weekend had been which was rather nice, we joined rodger in room 4 to carry on with the seccond part of  our soils topic. it was much the same as last time with a field trip in the afternoon after a slideshow for the first part of the day. the weather remained fine.

Tuesday-Tuesday morning we began with a test on weeds, rodger had layed out a collection of different weeds that we were required to identify as our assesment, i did study reletivly hard for this test but must have buckled under the pressure because i didnt do very well at all. the weather was alot colder in the morning compared to mondays weather allthough it warmed up alot by the end of the day.


Wednesday- absent



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Week 3

Monday- Monday was on of the colder days of the week not helped much by the strong winds. we joined rodger in room four to run through one of our last lessions on soils, he showed us a slide show for the magority of the day up until after lunch time when he took us all out to the wanaka strech of road to show us soils that were heavy in salt, we ventured out into the middle of a paddock and conducted a pH test on the soils befor heading home.

Tuesday- Absent

Wednesday- We had a special tutorial day with rodger on wednesday now that the soils topic was finished he ran us through the assignment helping us out with any questions of difficulties we had with the assignment. after lucnh we were given the rest of our day to catch up on our own work, i used this time to fill in my blog and also tried to print out the pictures i need for my specimen collection assignment allthough the computor in the library wasnt working so ill have to wait fo it to be fixed. the weather was sunny and clear skies it was a very nice day indeed.

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Week 2

Monday- We began our seccond week much the same as we began our first, with richard studying our new topic of soils. Once again the weather was cold but sunny and clear which is much more to my liking than days and days of fog! Richard ran us though a lecture for the first half of the day with a quick walk around the campus to check out the soils here. I found there to be alot of infomation needing to be remembered at this stage of the topic as soils is a very scientific topic inn my opinion. After lunch we went out and about to look at different types of soils in different areas of cromwell. to begin with we went along to mt difficulty vinyard were we dug up some sandy soils befor heading over to a farm oppisite pisa moorings were we found two very different soils within different parts of the same padock. we discused the horizons and organic material within the soils befor finishing up our day.

Tuesday- Tuesday was once again a fine day with little cloud and little wind. We gathered in room 4 to meet richard once again, this time for our new topic on weeds. Richard spent the morning talking to us about various types of weeds, how to define a weed from a normal plant and also what conditions certain weeds grow in. we were all given our assignments on the topic were we are requiers to collect 15 specimen samples and press them (much the same as our plant identification assignment) richard gave us a hand by taking us out to a site that had a larrge variety of weeds that we could collect as our specimens so we spent opur afternoon searching and collecting all different kinds of weeds, i learnt how to identify the mello weed. once we had all collected our 15 we finished the day off with a quick sort out of the specimens befor heading home.

Wednesday- Wednesday was a tutorial day so i spent my morning in the computor room updating my blog which i was wayy behind on! but after morning smoko i learnt that alex was running through our growsafe assignments with anyone that needed a hand so i poped in there and spent the rest of my day going through the organic certification process. i am now confident that i could apply for an organic certification if a actually was managing a vinyard or orchid so i was quite impressed. i Also spent a wee bit of time finishing off my pests and desiese assignment which was due on friday.

Thursday- I awoke to yet another weather friendly thursday morning with the sun shining it was a perfect day for propergation with jo. We started the morning off by planting hanging pots of pansies in a spagnum basket we all gathered in an assembuly line and finished the job off just in time for morning smoko, after our break we beganplanting seedlings that had sprouted up in the mist bed while we were all on holliday it was impressive to see the results of oour plantings they all seemed very impressive. After lunch we began doing 3 different jobs some of us weeded the small greemhouse next to the propergation shed and began taking the old dirty panels off the roof ready for new clean ones, the 2nd group worked out in the glass house cleaning and checking water flow for the hydroponics while the final group pruned the rest of the leyland hedge that we began doing mid way through last term. the weather stayed fine and it seemed to be a very productive day.

Friday- Absent

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